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Shri Yantram

Product Code: PY29SY


Description & Application : Also known as shri chakra this yantra is called the mother of all yantras. This is because the other yantras depend on its three dimensional form. Shri Yantra represents Mount Meru, the cosmic mountain at the center of the universe. It is an efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation.

When and How to Wear : Keep the yantra on an auspicious day  like a festival (Diwali, Dusshera, Dhanteras etc.). it should be placed on a red cloth and rose water and rose flower should be sprayed on it.

Mantra : Shreeng Kamlalay Praseed Praseed Shreeng Hreeng Om Mahalakshmay Namah”.

Quality:- 24 k Gold plated, Size/ weight:- 15 X 15 cm, Material:- Paper

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