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2015 yearly prediction According to moon sign

Aries:-The planet Jupiter is blessing all those who are born in this moon sign. The position of Jupiter is in the fourth house of your birth chart and thus very favourable. It will keep your family life happy. If you were struggling to go abroad, the time seems favourable now. If you want to purchase a new car or home, your wish may be fulfilled this year. Th4 second half of 2015 is fabulous for love and marriage. And for those who are thinking of having a family, the time is just appropriate. This year businessmen should try to expand their work and the ones who are doing a job must seek promotion. For the students, it is just the right time to get the results as per your hardwork.

Must do- keep a square piece of gold or silver with you to enhance the blessings of a favourable Jupiter.

Tauras- lord Jupiter seems to be quite happy with people born in the tauras moon sign. This planet will bring success and happiness in your life. You will receive honour and respect in your field. The position of Saturn in your seventh house may result in some financial problems. There can also be some disputes in marital life. But you can overcome these problems by doing certain remedies and efforts. If we talk about your love life, it is necessary that you should be loyal to your partner. If we talk about your wealth, this year is going to be brilliant. Students may also get some unexpected results.

Must do- offer food to a black cow.

Gemini- the year 2015 is bringing a magic box of blessings for you. During this year you have strong chances of getting name, fame, wealth and everything else you desire. If you are planning to do something special for your loved ones, your efforts will be successful. Health will remain fine. If you are in your old age, some improvements in health can be noticed. If you are working in a firm and planning for a change, this time can be suitable for you. But if you are doing a business, you may have to work hard to get success. Students will keep getting positive results.

Must do- offer your services to little girls.

Cancer- this year is going to be mind- blowing for you. If you are in the age of getting married, there is full possibility of that getting married. In the matters of love, insisting for anything won’t be a good idea. So be a little patient and act very carefully. If you are doing a job, there are good chances of promotion. You may have to travel more due to work. Though your finances seem to be in a better shape this time yet investing without deliberation won’t be a good idea. In matters of health you may have to undergo many ups and downs. Students would be getting good results in this year.

Must do- donate almonds in a temple.

Leo – this year will bring mixed results for you. In the first half of 2015 jupiter is in your twelfth house and Saturn is in fourth. Hence you may have to face some troubles. You might get disturbed due to the behavior of your loved ones. However the second half of 2015 would bring some pleasant surprises for you. You will get good hold over the difficult situations of your life with intelligent plannings. You will feel better in getting involved in spiritual as well as religious activities.

Must do- offer a mixture of rice and milk to a cow

Virgo- for the virgo people, Jupiter in the eleventh house is a beneficial one. It will bring various benefits. Your family members will also cherish the time. But it will be important to take care of their health. Just stay alert and focused on everybody’s health. In addition to this, first half is also amazing for love, marriage and children. This time is also good for business, job and education. However, caution is required in everything during the second half of the year. You just need to be a little alert. Expenditure may increase and your health may also deteriorate in between. But don’t worry, there won’t be anything major going wrong with you.

Must do- offer water to peepal tree regularly.

Libra- Librans, the year 2015 is a good year for you. But there can be some misunderstandings in your family life. However, harmony at home will not be disturbed. For your health 2015 is good. If you are planning to buy a car or a house, your planning can turn successful. You are going to do something special in your work this year. Respect and honour will increase along with the public support. Expenditure may also rise due to placement of Saturn in the second house. Students will get positive results.

Must do- apply saffron tilak on your forehead.

Scorpio – the year 2015 will be quite amazing for you. Only the position of Saturn might bring some adventure, rest everything will be brilliant. This year is quite positive for your love matters. However, there may be some disturbances in your married life. This year may also bring some health issues. For businessmen, the financial situation will turn better. Those who are doing jobs, might get promoted. Students will get positive results after their hardwork.

Must do- provide your service to monkeys and avoid consumption of non-veg food and alcohol.

Sagittarius – Sagittarians, your Jupiter is in the eighth house and thus not very positive. On the other hand, Saturn is in the twelfth house and so financial matters need to be handled very carefully. For this, you have to work hard. During this year you may also feel change in the behavior of your family members. This change may even hurt you. A feeling of insecurity may rise in you which may also affect your health. Love matters may also suffer. In the second half of 2015, all your wishes will start coming true. The persons who are doing job will enjoy increase in income. Students will also get good results.

Must do- donate ghee and potatoes in a temple

Capricorn- the first half of 2015 is good for you. Your outstanding planning will give you success. Everything will be positive at work. Financial situation will also be satisfactory. If you are looking to get married, first half of this year might be really favorable for you. But the second half of 2015 will be somewhat problematic because then the Jupiter will be in your eighth house. So you may have to face some financial troubles. It will be better if you think twice before investing anywhere.

Must do- flow six coconuts in every four months in running water

Aquarius – Aquarians, 2015 will give you mixed results. You may feel some differences within your relations but remember everything happens for some reason. So try to be as polite as possible. During this year you may stay stressed due to the health of a family member. On the other hand your health will remain fine. The second half of the year will bring better results for your love life. Married life will be happy. Your children will get progress in their fields. Your business will succeed. Income will increase for those people doing jobs. There will be good results for students also.

Must do- donate yellow clothes to a priest

Pisces- The person of pisces sign will enjoy a good period. However the bad behavior of some family members may hurt you. But it will be better for you to ignore everything. The position of ketu may affect your health. So be careful about your health. It will be important to control over eating habits. In this year drive your car or scooter carefully to avoid sudden accidents. In 2015 time can be said nice for love matters, but position of rahu in seventh house is not good comparatively. In this year you may get a better job. Also there are good chances of increase in income in business.

Must do- donate rice, jiggery and gram dal in a temple.