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Welcome to the world of astrology- the science that studies the movements and positions of the planets and states the influence that it casts upon individuals and their natural surroundings. You may not be a firm believer in the astrological science but you might not fail to acknowledge the power of our actions (karmas) and their results. All schools of Indian Philosophy (except the Carvakas) have emphasized upon the karmas of an individual because they alone are responsible for his good or bad living. According to Mahayana Buddhism, though all of us ride upon the cycle of birth and death but if a person has adequate wisdom and his actions are right, life becomes much simpler, happier and easier to live. Also, one is able to conquer the fear of disease and death.

However, often the ill effects (negative energies) of the faulty actions done in our past lives act as hindrance to our present positive actions; the situations get difficult, we are stressed, bewildered and lose our way to goodness. It is then that the astrological science can come to your rescue. Your horoscope (the birth chart) reflects not only your past but also your present and future conditions. It is not the case that you can now go back to your past and make modifications to have a better life but with the aid of certain remedies you can definitely reduce the ill-effects of your previous karmas. Also you can be aware of what future possibly holds for you and thus make plans and act accordingly. The fulfilling science of astrology tells you that you are the creator and governor of your future because the situation of your stars is a based on the karmas that you do as well as the dispositions (samskaras) that you have been carrying from one birth to the other.